Why Everything You Know About Mattress Is a Lie

The mute must provide enough support for your spine so that your body is in the most natural position. Only in this way will you save from pain in the back and joints. It should reduce tension throughout the body.

If you have any spine problems, opt for hard material such as latex.

If you do not have any problems with the spine or neck so far, choose a mattress made from memory foam. This will prevent problems that may occur in the future due to poor mattresses.

Does the mattress adjust to the shape of your body and your body weight (i.e. whether it is anatomic and orthopedic)?

For a good night’s sleep, you need a mattress that provides adequate support to your body and relaxes it as well as your spine. This means that the mattress adapts perfectly to every part of your body and allows you to enjoy longer and deeper sleep without spinning and twisting.

Why a mattress that is too hard or too soft is not suitable?

If the mattress turns over, your body will only be supported in several zones.

If the mattress is shifted, your body will not provide enough support or may support in the wrong zones.

Support should generally be felt in the areas of the lower back, shoulders and neck. It is necessary that the body weight be evenly distributed over the entire surface of the mattress. In this way, the spine will be in the right position and you will feel comfortable when you lie down. On most mattresses, body weight is concentrated only at one point – on the buttocks.

Is the mattress anti-allergic (does it protect you from mites, buds and bacteria)?

The number of patients suffering from allergies is constantly increasing. One of the most common causes of allergies is undoubtedly mites that are accumulated in conventional mattresses.

Research has shown that in bed, which is an average of two years old, there are approximately two million living and dead mites, which turn into a cloud of invisible dust when we turn around and thump. It is necessary to choose a mattress that will protect you from allergies and bacteria.

Is the mattress ventilated (does it allow air and heat to circulate)?

It is important that the material inside the mattress effectively regulates moisture and heat. The moisture must not be kept inside the mattress and at the same time it must be warm. The body lying on a wet and cold mattress must burn more energy to warm up, which causes sleep disorders.

Is the mattress comfortable?

The mattress you sleep on should be comfortable. That means you should feel good on it. However, you also need to relax well and collect new energy on the mattress. Sleep quality depends largely on the structure of mattresses and materials used.

Is your mattress fitted with dust protection?

You should choose a mattress that will protect you from dust, accumulation caused by static electricity. Electromagnetic smog is created by various objects emitting electromagnetic waves: television signal, radio signal, electrical installations and connectors. Textile woven with carbon fiber prevents the penetration of electromagnetic radiation through textiles.

Is the mattress environmentally friendly (is it made of materials that are similar to nature and users)?

Unfortunately, the development of advanced materials increases the pollution of the natural environment. It increases the production of substances that have a harmful effect on human health. Make sure that the mattress is made in accordance with the environmental regulations used in the textile industry.

Does your dealer provide a multi-year warranty that applies not only to the cover, but also to the interior of the mattress?

By providing a warranty on the interior of the mattress, the seller is obliged to replace the product with a new one in case of any problems. 10 years or more is very time consuming. The seller must have a really good reason to give such a guarantee. This testifies to the highest quality of the product. For more information regarding the same visitsSleep company salesand have the details.